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Photo: Middle Oconee River, Athens, GA.
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Project Resources

Drafting Local Ordinances for Natural Resource Protection, Jamie Baker Roskie, James W. Hawhee, and Jeremy Cole, University of Georgia School of Law, 2008. (external site)

Legislative Drafting (PDF)

Outstanding Legal Memo Example: Wastewater Management Systems Disclosure Requirements, Kenna Hall, Oct. 20, 2006

Outstanding Scientific Memo Example: Monitoring Protocol for Georgia Wetland Trust Fund, Kelly Siragusa, May 2, 2007

Outstanding Environmental Design Memo Example: Memo: Whitehall Mill Condominium Community Stormwater Management, Tammy Andros, Spring 2006

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Project: Creating a UGA Campaign for Campus Stream Restoration

Proposal to the Ray C. Anderson Foundation for a Gray Notes Grant, 2014. (Awarded)

9-Element Watershed Management Plan for the North Oconee River, Tanyard Creek to Lilly Branch, 2013.

Nine-Key Element Watershed Protection Plan for Streams on the Main UGA Campus. Brizendine, Brad, Mindy Edelson, Will Gulsby, Michael Henson, Justin Holloway, Hunter Knowles, Jennifer Kobylus, Melinda Nelson, Brad Valentine, and John Wiles, Jr. Environmental Practicum 2012.

Section 319(H) FY2013 Grant Proposal: TMDL Implementation Plan for the Nine Element Watershed Management Plan for the North Oconee Watershed; Tanyard Creek to Lilly Branch, October 2012 (PDF)

Environmental Practicum: Lilly Branch Restoration Plan, Phase I (PDF)

The Legal Status of Urban Prescribed Grazing in Athens-Clarke County: A Suggested Ordinance. Setareh Davoudzadeh, Koleen Sullivan, Environmental Practicum Fall 2013.

Lilly Branch 319 Grant Application (PDF)

EPA Introduction to Watershed Planning (external link)

EPA Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters (external link)

Lily Branch - Illicit Discharge (DRAFT). Will Keyes, Peter Gerakitis. Nov. 13, 2012. Environmental Practicum.

"Standards for ecologically successful river restoration." Palmer, M. A., E. S. Bernhardt, et al. (2005). Journal of Applied Ecology 42(2): 208-217.

"Stream restoration in urban catchments through redesigning stormwater systems: looking to the catchment to save the stream." Walsh, C. J., T. D. Fletcher, et al. (2009). Journal of the North American Benthological Society 24(3): 690-705.


Read the following:

Section 303 (d) of the Clean Water Act 40 CFR 130.7

Under the "Features Box" on the right of the screen, check out "TMDLS at work" and "TMDL Program Results Analysis".

At bottom of page click on "TMDL litigation," read that as well as the document that comes up on the bottom of that page entitled "Section 303d lists and TMDL Litigation".

Read Sierra Club v. Meiberg, 296 F3d 1021 (11th Cir. 2002) and Sierra Club v. Hankinson, 939 F Supp. 872 (N.D. Ga. 1996).

The Living Machine

2012 EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse

Aquarius Commercial MSABP System Powerpoint

ArkFab Living Machines Series: Project Proposal for the GTRI-CBID Living Systems Lab, Jan. 25, 2011

Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department Monthly Water & Sewer Service Rates & Fees 2012

BlueHouse Technical Brochure: Nature + Technology Combined for a Sustainable Water Treatement Solution

Cooling Tower Water Usage February 2013

Cooling Towers Map

Ecological Engineering: A combined application of different engineering and biological techniques to remediate a heavily polluted river

Ecological Engineering: Physical and biological changes of suspended particles in a freesurface flow constructed wetland

Ecological Engineering: Post-treatment and reuse of tertiary treated wastewater by constructed wetlands

Ecological Engineering: A new approach in wetland systems for domestic wastewater treatment using Phragmites sp.

Ecological Engineering: Wetlands for wastewater treatment: Opportunities
and limitations

Emory University Feasibility Executive Summary

Firms for Water Reclamation

Georgia EPD Guidelines for Water Reclamation and Urban Water Reuse 2012

Georgia Tech Feasibility Study: Decentralized Water Reclamation and Reuse

Living Machine Draft UGA Water Reuse Master Plan 2011

Living Machine Fact Sheet 1

Living Machine FAQs

Living Machine Notes

Living Machine Representative Project List

Moore's Creek Living Machine Performance Summary

Scott Burgess Water History (UGA Utility Use Report)

Scott Requested Water History (UGA Utility Report)

Sobsey Final Report: Evaluation of the Proposed OWASA Water Reclamation System for Production of Non-Potable Reuse Water for UNC Chapel Hill

Sustainable Water Preliminary Water Footprint Assessment

Prescribed Grazing

Four-Legged Ecorevelatory Agents of Engagement: Prescribed Grazing as a Tool for Community Building, Ecological Restoration, and Public Interaction. Zarhcary Richardson and Eric MacDonald, 2013. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture.

The Legal Status of Urban Prescribed Grazing in Athens-Clarke County: A Suggested Ordinance. Setareh Davoudzadeh, Koleen Sullivan, Environmental Practicum Fall 2013.

No kidding: These goats are for hire. Meg Jones, May 26, 2013. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Prescribed Goat Grazing in Urban Settings: A Pilot Study of the Legal Framework in Nine U.S. Cities. Michael Salter, Eric MacDonald, and Zachary Richardson, 2013. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture.

UGA Chew Crew 2012 Summary Report.

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Project: Mitigation Credits for Potential Dam Removal

Compensatory Mitigation: Success Rates, Causes of Failure, and Future Directions. Bruce A. Pruitt, PhD, PH, PWS, US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center. 2013.

Conservation Banking: Incentives for Stewardship. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (NEW)

Freshwater Wetlands: Integrating Science and Policy. Bruce A. Pruitt. State Bar of Georgia Environmental Law Section Newsletter, Winter 2010. Page 6.

Memorandum: Guidance for the Establishment, Use, and Operation of Conservation Banks. Director, U.S. Department of the Interior Fish & Wildlife Service. May 2, 2003. (NEW)

The Mystery Fish. Richard T. Bryant, James W. Evans, Robert E. Jenkins, and Byron J. Freeman. Southern Wildlife, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1996.

Review: Status of Species Conservation Banking in the United States. Jessica Fox and Anamaria Nino-Murcia. 2005. Conservation Biology 996-1007. (NEW)

Using Compensatory Mitigation to Restore Hydrologic Connectivity: Conserving Aquatic Biodiversity and Meeting Water Supply Needs through Dam Removal in the Southeast. Casey Hill. 2010. MS Thesis.

White Dam and Headrace, Middle Fork of Oconee River at Whitehall near Athens, Georgia. Wildlife Resources Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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Project: Sewanee Constructed Wetlands Public Education and Outreach

Sewanee Utility District Constructed Wetlands Pilot Project. Brian Barth, James Bevington, Lisa Biddle, Heather Blaikie, Anna Gore, Riaz Khan, Jennifer Kobylus, Chris Oliver, Ashley Rich-Robertson, Tum Suppakittpaisarn, Brian Crawford, Lauren Heidingsfelder, Ross Pringle, Greg Skupien, Sam Woolford. Contributing researchers: Mary Grace Bowring, Mary Michael Forrester, Joanna Parkman, Catherine Cartenstein, Ian Calhoun, Clement Cullents, Amble Johnson. 2013.

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Project: Title Search Research for Georgia/Alabama Land Trust

2010 Title Standards.

Conservation Easement Audit Techniques. IRS.

Conservation Easement Drafting and Documentation. Jane Ellen Hamilton. Executive Editor: Sylvia Bates. Peer Reviewers: Karin Marchetti Ponte and Kevin McGorty. 2008. Land Trust Alliance.

Conservation Easements and Minerals.Jessica E. Jay. Conservation Law, P.C.

Donated Conservation Easement Process. Georgia Land Trust.

Easements, Rights of Way and Types of Title.

Georgia Land Lottery.

Sample Conservation Easement Template.Georgia/Alabama Land Trust.

Title Investigation Report. Georgia/Alabama Land Trust.

What You Need to Know from Tax Cases (Shorn of Nuance).Land Trust Alliance.


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